Beachmere District Men's Shed Inc

The Beachmere District Mens Shed is in the process of construction, the location is being identified and plans will be with Council shortly but in the mean time we are collecting tools and anything else that can be utilized in the everyday running of the Shed..
The Beachmere District Men's Shed is a project of individuals not allied or associated with any other associations or other local groups.



[email protected]
PO Box 41 Beachmere QLD 4510

President:    Cor De Waard
Secretary:     Harry Ellis
Treasurer:     Bob Young

A men only meeting place by the beach.

The perfect place to relax with mates and new friends, young and old.

A meeting place where guys can do anything

      Many years ago Beachmere resident Dennis Banks being a member of the Beachmere Lions thought it would be a good idea to form a men's shed in the village, and after a lot of canvassing and hard work he has got together a group of guys who think that was a good idea, and so it is finally coming to fruition.
      It has been proposed The Men's shed be established in the Rodgers St. Sports Precinct, and is to be in the Dutch barn style.
      Local member Susan Lamb has been advised and is highly in favor of the idea as is Councillor Peter Flannery, both have agreed to help get us started however they can and together with Lions have already helped with generous set up funding
Beachmere Mens Shed is being developed (already with a membership of 30 and growing) so the men of Beachmere can get together and:

.. have a chat about whatever concerns them,

.. discuss anything that comes to mind,

.. plan a specific job to help each other,

.. plan funding ideas, raffles, sausage sizzles,

.. plan recreational getaways,

.. make furniture, toys anything you want,

.. plan to assist the community
.. discuss techniques and ideas,

.. workshops teaching others to use tools correctly and safely,

.. invite guest speakers for information sessions.

Membership is $40 per annum
Incorporating $25 for AMSA insurance.

This insurance covers you home - shed - home and all the time at the shed.
A $2 a visit is envisaged as a way to accumulate funds for coffee and milk and finger food at some but not all meetings. We have lately been having a sausage sizzle after most meetings great for a chat and a snag!
Flexible, reliable and innovative
We work with you to ensure your goal
Photography, computers, boating, cars, caravans, shooting and aviation, you name it we have someone who has had experience in  it.
Friendship, Honesty and Openness is our motto
100's of Years Experience
The guys are from all back grounds and trades and can discuss the latest trends, tools and techniques. It's also great to sit down and talk about:
home life,
finances or lack thereof!!
Men's things
The membership is growing by the week and we have 30 paid-up members to date.
This is the place where you will find jobs completed and jobs coming up, with photos sometimes!.
Steve Magro's slot car track base
This was completed by members Dennis, Jeffery and Danny with donated materials
1.  Job to construct a movable base for members slot car track.

2.  Move donated sea-container from owner's block to Mens shed holding yard.... Thank you Jeff & Marg Lane for the use of your land!!

3.  Collect and unload a stash of unwanted timber from a Burpengary mens shed member who was moving house.

4.  Job to assist Danny John in building a back yard wooden fence...
Thank you Den, Robby, Daryl, John-Paul and Helen.

5.  The very first Bunnings sausage sizzle held at Morayfield with Cor at the helm. This fundraiser together with raffles at the Beachmere tavern are proving we have financies enough to go ahead with this endevour and proof that we have the detemination to get this shed up and running.
Move our donated 40ft container to Jeff Lanes block
This was accomplished with the help of Dennis, Jeff, John and Danny, several other items were donated on the day and moved to the same site
Unwanted free timber being loaded into our container
A stash of timber from a member of the Burpengary Men's shed was kind enough to donate unwanted timber to our Shed free gratis. 2 trailer loads wre unloaded into our container.Thanks Den, Jeff, and Danny.

Danny's back fence going up
  1. Nearly finished
    Nearly finished
    Between showers we nearly got there in 2 days, great effort by all!!
  2. The old fence gone title here
    The old fence gone title here
    The old fence was demolished the day before.
  3. The boys waiting for the rain to ease
    The boys waiting for the rain to ease
    It rained for the first time in 4 weeks and the boys had to dodge the showers
  4. Just the top line tobe cut
    Just the top line tobe cut
    Just about finished, the top line to be tidied up and Den came around and assisted in shooting the last line of nails.
Here we have President Cor at the helm of the first sausage sizzle at Bunnings in Morayfield©
Our very own sign